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He is a fantastic client, yet he abandoned me.

Janessa Fe
2 months ago

The client hired me earlier this year and never discussed the hourly rate so I assumed that he knows I charge $10 per hour (as what it should show on the agents' list). Now he is asking for my approval to lower my hourly rate to start working again on his campaign and is proposing $3.5 per hour but we agreed on $4 instead. I don't think I'm at fault here if he still failed to change it even if I reminded him, regardless I only track $8 worth of time to cover the 2 hours of work I rendered. Overall he is a good client.

1 year ago

Called Schools offering SchoolPortraits Services. However, schools have just done with student portrait and had a contract with other Photographer/Portrait Services. Did my part to offer this service.

1 year ago

Nice client to work with. Looking forward to work with you soon

3 years ago