How It Works

your go-to guide for understanding the inner workings of our platform. Here, we unravel the mystery behind the processes and mechanisms that make our website function seamlessly. Whether you're a curious visitor or a potential user, this page aims to provide you with a clear and concise overview of how everything comes together.

How does Pricing Work?

How Staff Costs?

  • 10% on top of what the rep. charges
  • Job postings are free, its $25 to post a performance-based job

How Technology Costs?

To use the OB Dialer is a simple flat $1/hr for usage and includes FREE VOIP calling to US 48 and Canada When using OB Dialer, VOIP rates to other destinations are greatly discounted


If you hire a rep that's $5/hr and you want them to use OB Dialer its just $6.50/hr

The Calculation



10% OB Fee


OB Dialer




If calling any destination outside US 48 & Canada, see discounted VOIP rates here.

Do I have to use the OB Dialer?

You don't have to use the OB Dialer, you can have agent do manual calling like Skype or your own dialer solution. The benefit of using the OB Dialer is that it greatly increases agent productivity and all of your reports and account management will be centralized.

  • Time tracking reports (included without OB Dialer)
  • Screenshots (included without OB Dialer)
  • Call Metrics (with OB Dialer shows: # of calls, leads, staff, ranking, etc.)

You can make life easy by having everything in one place. Plus we provide training and instruction to agents on how to use OB dialer.

What if I don't want to use the OB Dialer?

You are only billed for the time that staff work. If you end the contract with an agent you can still use your balance to work with other staff members. You can start and end contracts with as many Outbounders as necessary and hire as many as you want.

Why the upfront deposit?

Unlike other online staffing sites that have less than stellar reputation with their contractors, we require an up front deposit to guarantee staff will get paid for hours worked. And we notify them as soon as your balance is negative. This is to ensure that you can always find the highest quality staff at Rest assured you can withdraw any unused funds from your account at any time, and if you have a dispute with agent you can request arbitration.

What do you do next?

Hiring Staff

  1. Browse applicant or post a job.
    1. Posting hourly based jobs are free
    2. Posting performance-based jobs is $25
  2. If you find a staff member you like you can send a message to line up an interview or hire on the spot. Hire as many staff as you like.
  3. You will be asked to prepay for any services like dialer, VOIP calls etc. and you'll want to ensure you always have a prepaid balance to avoid service interruption.
  4. After you have hired agents and made deposit you're now ready to launch your campaign.
    1. Make sure any staff you hire are using their time tracking tool while working for you (to ensure they get paid and to ensure you can track their work time). Agents will not be paid for time that is not tracked.
    2. Always maintain a prepaid balance and make deposits regularly. You will be reminded if your account balance gets low.

Creating a Campaign

If you are using the OB Dialer here are some additional steps:

  1. Go to "Campaign" section and create a new campaign.
  2. Follow our step by step wizard:
    1. Add hired OB contractors to your campaign
    2. load your lead list
    3. set your campaign settings (like call times etc)
    4. set campaign live or simply save settings


      You may want to train OB contractors first before you set campaign to live mode.

      You should also test OB contractors IT setup to ensure they have quality internet connection and workspace.

      You should upload training materials to training section or connect with OB contractors directly to conduct training.

    5. Once campaign is set "live" Agents will be notified to log in and start handling calls during specified call times.


    OB contractors should also be logged into their time tracking software to track time even while logged in the OB dialer. Call reports will reflect in your dashboard, updated at least every 24 hours. You'll also be able to track all the agent's calling activities and listen in on their live calls.

Contractor Payments

  1. Your account is automatically debited for all charges related to staff hours, OB Dialer or VOIP calls. Please ensure you always have a prepaid balance to avoid interruption of service. You will be automatically notified with low balance reminders.
  2. Your contractors are automatically paid weekly by up to 7 days AFTER the first Friday of their calling activity.
  3. Contractors will only be paid for hours that are tracked. You will be able to see their time and screen shots of things they are working on updated every 24 hours.
  4. If you have a dispute you can email us to initiate a dispute, and include details regarding the agent and the nature of dispute. Be as specific as you can.

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