You are in a telemarketing line of business and you know the key word to your success – VISIBILITY! However, you just do not have the time to really be initiating the campaign all the time, right? You can make better use of your hours than that! You may think about hiring people that could in turn hire the people that can work for you and help you reach your goal. End result: you are now visible, alright, but at a cost so high it could make your profit close to invisible.

How about we tell you that you can hire people that you can train to be like you when dealing with potential customers at a very affordable price? You can read that last sentence again but let me tell you now that you did read that right the first time. How?

First, you can say goodbye to maintaining a big physical office. You will only need to maintain a virtual workplace. There would really be no need for you to have a very big office space for the number of telemarketers that you will need to hire – imagine utilities and rent minimized if not totally removed.

Second, no need for you to invest in office equipment that could really cost so much money. The jobseekers would have already been pre- screened to have a stable internet connection, their own computer with specifications that would allow them to work competitively, a quiet work environment and their own headsets.

Third, no need to hire a company to do your billing needs. would provide you with an easy-to-use software that would enable you to track your employee’s hours, productivity and billable hours.

As far as the jobseekers that we have on our website, you can be assured that they are self-starters and are ready to be assets to whichever company they will be lucky to be part of.

Because knows that you have better things to do with your time, you can leave the rest to us.