About Us

Outbounders.com is a sister company of Global Sky Inc. a high quality call center company in the Philippines established for more than 19 years by CEO and Founder James Rick Stinson and his partner CTO Dr. Rob Rawson.

CEO - James Rick Stinson has more than 10 years experience working in the call center outsourcing field is also founder and host of FullPotential.com - the No 1 Non-boring Source for Personal development. He is author of Unleash Your Full Potential and his companies currently employ more than 150 staff globally.

CTO - Rob Rawson began his career as a doctor until he discovered internet marketing. He became very successful as an online marketer leveraging technology and utilizing outsourcing staff in the Philippines to grow his businesses. He is also founder and CEO of TimeDoctor, a time monitoring and productivity tool at TimeDoctor.com.

Why We Exist

We have observed over the years of operating our own call center in the Philippines (GlobalSky.com) that many of our successful clients wanted to be very hands-on in managing their campaigns. And we quickly realized that this kind of hands-on management is critical, especially in the early development of a campaign.

We decided rather than trying to lead small start-up campaigns that the entrepreneurs wanted to control themselves anyway, we would give the tools to the entrepreneur to control it themselves. We soon learned this would not only bring the costs down but increase the campaigns chances for success. Then if an entrepreneur wanted to scale the campaign and it needed to move to an office environment, our sister company GlobalSky.com would be more ideally suited for a growing campaign with established processes.

Now entrepreneurs have two great options that can really help them grow their business.

1) Outbounders.com gives entrepreneur the option of getting their outbound campaigns off the ground in a professional way for a really low cost, which makes it easy to be profitable.

2) Then if they want to scale up in an office environment with a strong call center partner, they have GlobalSky.com.

And both companies win - Outbounders.com becomes the go-to option for virtual, hands-on, low cost telemarketing campaigns and GlobalSky.com becomes the go-to option for in the office, managed and fast growing telemarketing or inbound support campaigns

Global Sky wins because now we don't have to turn away business that we normally couldn't handle in professional office environment but we still have the potential of working with clients in the long run.

By creating a unique service where we provide the recruiting, calling and monitoring technology and entrepreneurs provide the training and management - we significantly reduce entrepreneur's start-up capital requirements in launching lucrative outbound campaigns.

Where normally an entrepreneur would be losing money if their campaign was only earning $7 an hour, now they can grow their business!