Our Vision

To help thousands of people gain steady employment working from home and to give them
access to resources for personal and professional development. To help clients save on
their overhead and to be the first name they think of when they think outbound telemarketing.

PurposeTo make it possible for workers anywhere around the world to work from their homes and serve clients with the best possible outbound services at the lowest possible cost.
MissionTo be the #1 source for quality outbound telemarketing staff, management and technology.

  • Honesty, transparency and open communication
  • Personal & professional growth
  • Fun, enjoyment and sense of community

James Rick Stinson founder of started with a simple mission - he realized that many people around the world spend a great deal of UNPAID time getting ready for work, commuting to work, commuting home from work.
This puts tension on workers and their families. He also realized that clients spend a great deal in office overhead that is mostly waste with today's technology. utilizes time and screen shot tracking technology, effective predictive and auto-dialers software, project management software for online collaboration and focus sheets to leverage remote workers in a way that is revolutionizing an old industry and improving lives in the process. Home based workers are happier and healthier, families see more of each other and clients have less overhead to worry about. Plus with the tools we provide they have even more oversight than if they were in the same office with their staff.