Appointment setters for my real estate business

You will be trained by a TOP CLASS REAL ESTATE AGENT IN MIAMI!

**Job Opportunity: Inside Sales Superstar for Miami's Hottest Real Estate!**

Are you a conversation wizard with a knack for turning "Hello" into "Let's buy or sell a house!"? Do you dream about matching people with their perfect Miami paradise If so, we want you to join our dynamic real estate team as an Inside Sales Agent (ISA)!

**What You'll Do:**

- **Magic Lead Generation:** Wave your virtual wand (or phone) to generate steady leads through calls, emails, and witty social media sorcery.

- **Charm School for Leads:** Work your charm and persuasive skills to qualify potential buyers and sellers. Your goal? Transforming mere inquiries into committed clients.

- **Connector Extraordinaire:** Play matchmaker between clients and our fabulous real estate agents. Think Tinder, but for dream homes.

- **Smooth Talker:** Navigate conversations seamlessly.

- **Sales Jedi Training:** Harness your inner Jedi to master scripts, objection handling, and sales techniques that'll make even Darth Vader sign on the dotted line.

**What We Offer:**

- **Dynamic Environment:** Join a team as lively as Miami's nightlife. We thrive on collaboration, creativity, and, yes, a bit of salsa dancing.

- **Training That Rocks:** We'll school you in the ways of the real estate force. Expect training sessions that are engaging, informative, and probably hilarious.

- **Epic Commissions:** You're not just here to make friends but to make money. Enjoy uncapped commissions and bonuses that'll make your piggy bank do the cha-cha.


- **Personality:** You're the life of the party, and everyone wants to chat with you at gatherings.

- **Communication Skills:** Your phone might as well be an extension of your arm, and your keyboard clicks can be heard from space.

- **Real Estate Passion:** Whether watching HGTV or perusing property listings for fun, you're obsessed with real estate.

- **Bilingual Bonus:** Speaking English and Spanish? That's like having a real estate cape. ¡Vamos a la playa!

- **Goal Crusher:** You set goals, smash them, and create new ones because you're a superstar.

If you're ready to spice up your career with a dash of Miami magic and a lot of real estate awesomeness, hit us up! We're waiting to welcome you to our energetic team of real estate rockstars. Apply today, and let's turn Miami's dreams into reality, one property at a time. ????????????

Call Type

B 2 C (Biz to Consumers)
Appointment Setting

Skills Required

Ability and knowledge to pose insightful and engaging questions
Ability to cope with rejection



Part Time - 10-30 hrs/week

Aug 31,2023



Appointment Setting

9am to 1pm
Calling Time

[-06:00] America/Cancun

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