Appointment Setters | 4 hours - Mon -Fri | $3 per hour and $ 25 sale

Hello Outbounders,

We are an America Logistics company and we need appointment setters. Its a pretty easy job and we don't really need any qualification except you SPEAK ENGLISH CLEARLY, FLUENTLY AND WITH NO NATIVE ACCENT. This criteria is absolutely crucial to us. You really will need only an hours, max 2 hours training to do this job as you would be given a short script.

Its simple, the prospect says NO or DISCONNECTS the call or says NOT INTERESTED, you delete the contact from the excel sheet.
The prospect is unreachable or hits the voice mail, you color code the line.
The prospect says YES or NEED MORE INFO, you verify the city, state and contact number and you say "Great! I will have my manager call you back. Is there a good time we can call you?"

Before you wrap the day, send us the excel sheet with your comments/edits.

That's all. Our requirement is that you call daily and complete a large data that we have. You are expected to, in a 4 hour shift, dial 150-200 numbers. You don't have to leave voice mails and you don't have to understand or learn our business model. Simply dial and go with the script.

It is imperative that you do not skip work and you are available 100% between the 4 hours . The hours will be 1pm EST - 5pm EST.

We will pay a non negotiable hourly rate of $3 per hour and $ 25 every sale closed.
You will be able to get at least 2-4 carriers interested or asking for more info form the 150-200 calls you will make. We should, as per the historical trend, be able to close them all, considering our lowest fees and add ons we provide. We are a recognized brand in our industry and our services is something every prospect does themselves or is looking for someone to do.

You will like the job,
Looking forward to talking to you.

Call Type

Appointment Setting

Skills Required

Excellent communicationand rapport building skills



Part Time - 10-30 hrs/week

Oct 08,2021



Appointment Setting

9am to 6pm
Calling Time

[-05:00] America/New_York

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