Leads Intake Manager

We are a successful and growing real estate company seeking standout professionals to join our small, dynamic team. We offer the training and support you need for success. We are looking for driven and down to earth people who build relationships quickly. You will be part of a team purchasing many properties annually, with exponential growth on the horizon! (No real estate license needed).

We are looking for a fast-thinking “connector” who’s pleasant, organized, emotionally intelligent, and has outstanding communication skills to join our team as a Leads Manager. In this role the ability to quickly build rapport with leads and evaluate opportunities while switching between tasks is essential. This is a thinking position ideal for someone with an outgoing and persuasive, yet empathetic communication style. A sense of humor goes a long way. Customer service, inside sales, or real estate lead agent experience is preferred but not required.

The Lead Manager is the first point of contact for our company. The Lead Manager’s role is to set the tone for inbound callers, do intake and discovery, and follow up with leads using our tools if our initial offers are declined. You’ll be using the company’s CRM to manage long series follow-ups and to document customer interactions while qualifying leads for our Sales Reps. Your job, in a nutshell, is to create a positive customer experience to create a warm hand-off of the customer to one of our Property Acquisition Managers.

Essential Job Characteristics

· Sense of urgency for goal achievement across varied activities and simultaneous projects

· Receive inbound calls, emails and website leads. Initiate outbound follow up calls and texts with a focus on achieving the engagement and commitment of others.

· Pre-screening sellers based on seller motivation level, sense of urgency, and other lead selling indicators.

· Quick decision-making in response to changing conditions when speaking directly with potential customers.

· Set appointments for Acquisition Managers based on internal qualifications.

· Ensure process compliance and accurate KPI reporting in the company CRM.

· Assign potential realtor listings to preferred listing agents.

Candidate Personal Characteristics:

· Logical and a rapid processor – Problem solver

· Personable, highly engaging and builds rapport quickly. A sense of humor is a plus.

· Good spoken and written communication skills and works well with teams

· Organized and has used to using technology to stay on track

· Can determine the order of operation while switching between tasks

· Doesn’t make excuses or take things personally

Candidate Qualifications:

· Previous customer service, real estate appointment setting, or inside sales experience.

· Strong organizational and time management skills.

· Real Estate experience is a plus, but not a requirement.

Call Type

B 2 C (Biz to Consumers)
Appointment Setting

Skills Required

Ability and knowledge to pose insightful and engaging questions
Ability to cope with rejection
Excellent phone manner and articulation
Good pace, pitch and tone and the ability to be natural and conversational
Outgoing and energetic attitude



Full Time - 30+ hrs/week

Oct 03,2021




9am to 6pm
Calling Time

[-07:00] America/Phoenix

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