4 hour Cold Calling | Easy Sales | $200 per Sale

We're a logistics freight dispatch company and I'm looking to virtually hire a cold caller to cold call and intro & sell our service. It definitely is not hardcore sales. You'll be talking to truck owners and truck drivers and offering our service. I have a huge list of numbers I want called.

This is not a full time job. This is only 4 hours of dedicated and continuous calling everyday. ie, 20 hours a week, Monday to Friday. The hours we are looking at are between 1:30EST and 5:30EST. We need the person to be fully available and reporting to us between these hours.


#Salary - $3/hr

#Incentives - $200 per Sale

**All sales need to complete 1 month with us for the incentives**

Please note - This is not hardcore sales. You will be selling service to people that will benefit from it. There are multiple competitors in the market and our fees are one of the lowest. We have only 1 virtual sales agent and she has consistently sold 10+ every month. We will also give you 1-2 HOT leads to boost your sales, if we see multiple sales coming in from you.

This is going to be a cake walk for you, If you are a true tele sales person, you can overcome objections and your English is is flawless and close to American. If you have all these 3 qualities in you, you will easily make $2000+ every month. If you don't, you should not apply.


#Flawless English Communication- You can be from any part of the world, any race any color, any sex, but if you haven't sold to customers in the US "OVER THE PHONE" for a MINIMUM of 3 years and if you think you have your home country accent or you have an MTI (mother tongue influence) PLEASE DO NOT APPLY!!

#Proven sales experience selling via a call center, to customers in the US. (I have sold over the phone for 21 years and you will be carefully interviewed to understand your sales skills, handling objections, follow up strategy and English Skills - Please only apply if you are confident. Lets not waste time, yours and mine.)

# Required Calls - In 4 hours of dedicated time, we expect you cover 200 calls, considering the number of voice mails and no responses. Of course we understand some calls when you get connected and you have a sales conversation, would be long. We also need a very strict FOLLOW UP strategy from you.

#Reporting - We need you to work 4 hours everyday. You will be given an excel sheet of contacts at the start of your day. At your EOB, we need you to fill the excel sheet with your comments for the contacts and send it to us everyday, without fail. You will need to report into your manager everyday, 10 minutes prior to your log off and walk him/her through your calls for the day.

# No Leave Requests - Its only 4 hours a day, Mon- Fri and hence we do not expect you to skip work.

Looking forward to talking to our future Sales Champ!

Call Type

B 2 C (Biz to Consumers)
Closing Sales

Skills Required

Ability and knowledge to pose insightful and engaging questions
ability to handle and deflect objections that will inevitably come up from budget holders
Consistency with calling hours
Developing rapport with clients
Excellent communicationand rapport building skills



Part Time - 10-30 hrs/week

Sep 08,2021




1am to 5pm
Calling Time

[-05:00] America/New_York

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