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I work with sales and project management and even though I am good at what I am doing, I am lacking skills when it comes to being organized and keeping track of my work and connections.

I need someone to help me get structured :)

You will be there to get me started in the morning and let me know exactly what I need to do every day. You will systematically track all contacts I have with customers and clients and what was discussed and make sure that I complete what has been agreed. You will keep my calendar updated at all times. You might even be responsible for making sure I get up in the morning with a smile :)

You will push me to do work when I am feeling lazy and make me contact new leads when I am surfing on facebook instead.

1. You should be my memory.
2. Being extremely adaptable and sociable
3. You would be completely in the loop with my activities so we can keep up with everything.

I have not tried to do this before, so it is very good if you have experience of doing over-seas personal assistant work. We will most likely communicate constantly through skype.

Please contact me and let me know what you can do, how you see something like this working and what experience you have from doing this. As well as what kind of price you would charge for this kind of fulltime service.

Working hours will be based on Norwegian time.

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Full Time - 30+ hrs/week

Apr 16,2013



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10am to 6pm
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[+01:00] Europe/Oslo

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