Im looking for a very good sales person to obtain leads to all local restaurants within my clients area. to start asap

The basics of the business:

My client provide a text message marketing service to the restaurants and their customers, this is done by providing the restaurant with table tents and flyers given out with the bills which have a shortcode and keyword for that specific business. This encourages customers to text the keyword to the shortcode to obtain discounts and special offers from that business.

eg text safehands to 80818 to receive our discounts and special offers.

The customer texts this and receives an initial reply offering a discount immediately. The customers number is then automatically captured by the text system as an opt-in number. That restaurant can then send out regular texts with offers whenever they are having quiet periods to keep their restaurant busy. With customers texting the keyword to the shortcode the restaurant will build up a quick customer database.

The business buys text packages(a set amount of text messages per month) and the renatal of the keyword and shortcode on a monthly basis.

What I need is a gateway in to their business, My client would like to be able to send info about their business to them by email, with a view to calling them back myself within a few days of sending the info to them.

What I do need......... If you do not get to speak to the owner/manager, then Ill need the name of the person that was spoken to, the managers name and a contact email for the manager.

If you do speak to the owner/manager then Ill just need their name and email address. If they do not have an email address then a direct contact for them so that I can arrange an appointment with them.

Call Type

Skills Required

assumptive proactive and assertive



Full Time - 30+ hrs/week

Apr 12,2013




9am to 5pm
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[+00:00] Europe/London

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