B2B Telemarketing Lead Generation

We are a mobile marketing services company that sells mobile website design to business owners. We offer a free 7 day trial where we will build a mobile website for them and give the business owner 7 days to test out the mobile website we have built for them

During the 7 day trial our sales team follows up with the business owner consistently in order to get them to convert into a client.

Here is how you are able to earn a great income:

> We will pay you $5 for each verified trial sign up you get
> We will pay you a generous bonus of $50 for each trial that converts into a client

Our experienced sales team does all the heavy lifting......all you need to do is get them to sign up for our free trial. Believe me when I tell you.....our sales team is hungry to convert and close the sale because they only get paid when they do.....and as a result that means YOU also share in the profits.

Lets say you only sign up 15 trials in a week only calling 15 hours for that week. (this works out to about 1 trial signup per hour) That means you earn $75 for that week or $5 per hour. The best news however is that now our experienced sales team goes to work to convert that lead into a client.

Lets say out of 15 trials our sales team can only convert 5 of those business owners who signed up. This means you earn an additional $250. This plus your $75 form trial signups totals $325 which results in about $21 per hour. The best part is you can work more than 15 hours per week and of course potentially make a lot more.

DO NOT APPLY if you are only concerned with making a paltry hourly wage. We only want people who are motivated by the fact that there is no limit on their income and the harder they work the more they can make.

It will take about 5-7 days to pay reps for the trial sign up. After the first week of calling for us you should already have a good influx of sign ups on a regular basis.

Call Type

Skills Required

B2B cold calling
appointment setting



Part Time - 10-30 hrs/week

Jun 26,2013


We expect on average one trial sign up per hour



10am to 4pm
Calling Time

[-08:00] America/Los_Angeles

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