Ana Katrina C.

Philippines | English
$6.50 / Hour
Hours Worked
Times Hired
Odialer CertifiedMade 40 hours of calls using Odialer


My past experience and success indicates strengths in working environment, being focused on several duties at hand/expediency, playing leadership role within the center and solving customers problems. I've been working in a call center industry for 12 years already and I've learned a lot. I feel that my interest in this field will help me stay motivated to give my very best effort and work services to your business.

My past experience and success indicates strengths in working environment, being focused on several duties at hand/expediency, playing leadership role within the center and solving customers problems. My long term experience in the service industry has taught me how to meet and exceed each customers expectations with service that I provided. Im willing to learn new things and Im very interested to part of this team.

Interested to work in

  • Hourly job
  • Performance based job
  • Experience

    6 years on phone experience

    2 years of off-phone experience


  • Surveys
  • B 2 C Calling
  • B 2 B Calling
  • Upselling
  • Closing Sales
  • Managing Teams
  • Feedback

    6 months ago
    She doesn't seem to be motivated theres alway something happening an shell tell me at the last minute at 9am when its time to start. I need motivated people self starters.

    fernando R.
    Sep. 2022 to Sep. 2022
    1 year ago
    Lots of excuses from the beginning wasn't a great start.

    fernando R.
    Jan. 2022 to Feb. 2022
    3 years ago

    POWER D.
    Apr. 2019 to May. 2019
    I was doing my job..Unfair termination... client contacted me my shift ends already.... then since i was not able to communicate he ended my contract that easy... anyway....

    “The worst mistake a boss can make is not to say: well done” John Ashcroft

    Allow us to make mistakes: Give us room to make mistakes, great leaders allow space for learning and failure.

    Thanks and Godspeed

    Ana Katrina C.
    4 years ago
    For some reason Ana just cannot find it in herself to keep a schedule and be dependable. We like her but cannot give her another try.

    Steve M.
    Feb. 2019 to Feb. 2019
    4 years ago
    Unfornately didn't work out had issues with being on time for scheduled work time

    Gerald J.
    Jan. 2019 to Jan. 2019
    4 years ago
    No show for scheduled appointments at 12noon. She did not send us a message that she was sick or unable to attend work. If she had, we could have still covered the client calls. We were left assuming that the work had been done and it wasn't until 11 pm at night after clients complained that calls weren't done, that we found out that she did not work. She did not notify us that she was unable to attend or that there were issues. We certainly understand being sick or having emergencies, but to "no call, no show" all day with no word is inexcusable. We would have taken the calls ourself, and had her start back with us when she felt better. But we were not given the choice.

    Renee B.
    Jan. 2019 to Jan. 2019
    4 years ago
    Ana is good when she calls but for now we don't need her help but we'd recommend her to others.

    Steve M.
    Oct. 2018 to Nov. 2018
    4 years ago
    Ana has so much potential .

    david x.
    Aug. 2017 to May. 2018
    5 years ago
    So much potential and so nice but she had trouble keeping schedule so unfortunately we had to find someone else. We wish her the best...

    Steve M.
    Feb. 2018 to Feb. 2018
    5 years ago
    Ana did a good job and she will be beneficial to the next company she works with ...

    Steve M.
    Nov. 2017 to Jan. 2018
    5 years ago
    Did not make any phone calls, and did not respond to messages

    Lee T.
    Sep. 2017 to Oct. 2017
    5 years ago
    Ana is very talented. She just struggled to keep schedule as agreed. We wish her the absolute best.

    Steve M.
    Aug. 2017 to Aug. 2017
    6 years ago
    We gave Ana 3 stars because she has so much potential, but we had to let her go because sadly she was unable to keep the schedule and worked on 3.5 hours in 2 weeks. Ana is a very nice person and we wish her the best but the bottom line is we have to have someone who will keep the schedule 100% of the time.

    Steve M.
    Sep. 2016 to Sep. 2016
    6 years ago
    Ana is very talented and an incredible caring person. She was just too busy with her sweet new baby to be able to keep the schedule. Maybe in the future we will work together again. We wish her the absolute best...

    Steve M.
    May. 2016 to May. 2016
    6 years ago
    Ana is very talented but has a lot on her plate and a lot of computer issues and other things in her life that make it hard for her to keep the schedule. She is a wonderful person and certainly is a good worker when she is working. We'd recommend her services to other companies when she gets through everything... we wish her the best!

    Steve M.
    Mar. 2016 to Apr. 2016
    6 years ago
    I had to postpone this campaign until further notice but Ana appeared to be a great agent

    Layla M.
    Apr. 2016 to Apr. 2016
    6 years ago
    We had to rehire her without the dialer because for our type of appointment setting it works better using skype and google drive. She is a great worker and we hope to continue working together for a long period of time.

    Steve M.
    Mar. 2016 to Mar. 2016
    7 years ago
    Ana was very nice and has loads of talent but she had problems keeping the schedule and working the times she agreed to. We wish her the best and pray she will be able to work through what she is dealing with.

    Steve M.
    Jul. 2015 to Aug. 2015
    9 years ago
    Ana was an amazing marketer, and I would highly recommend her services to anyone.

    She has the skills, understanding, and desire to help any business or person succeed.

    I hate to lose her services, but she will be a welcome addition to anyone.

    Jim D.
    Jan. 2014 to Feb. 2014
    Great client! :) very understanding and professional. Easy to deal with and approachable. I've learned a lot from him. Thank you so much for giving me the chance to be part of your team!

    Ana Katrina C.