Jonnaida Linn M.

Philippines | English
$8.70 / Hour
Hours Worked
Times Hired
Odialer CertifiedMade 40 hours of calls using Odialer
The ProCompleted 960 hours of work


I fit for the job because I'm a hard working person, I can work under less supervision, I enjoy conversing with other people with different races and accents, it's my bread and butter. I believe that my home-based work experiences in appointment setting, sales, live transfer, telemarketing and lead generation for several businesses in the US, Canada and Australia give me the edge over other applicants. I am also very meticulous about details and always on time.

I started out as a market researcher, then I worked as a financial analyst in a debit card company, took customer service in retail, managed emails and chat support in a winery and was then hired by JPMorganChaseBank as a fraud specialist. I have been working in a BPO industry for 5 years and my experiences have taught me to be effective in all the tasks that I am assigned to. I enjoy being at the top of the list and I am self-motivated.

Interested to work in

  • Hourly based jobs only.
  • Experience

    6 years on phone experience

    1 years of off-phone experience


  • Surveys
  • B 2 C Calling
  • B 2 B Calling
  • Upselling
  • Closing Sales
  • Feedback

    3 years ago
    stopped showing up without notice

    Dan O.
    Oct. 2020 to Oct. 2020
    5 years ago
    Was great!

    Chris B.
    May. 2019 to Jun. 2019
    5 years ago
    OB Admin (rehiring to fix)

    Charles S.
    Feb. 2019 to Jan. 2019
    7 years ago
    OB Admin:Rehiring the agent.

    Anthony M.
    May. 2017 to May. 2017
    7 years ago

    peter u.
    Feb. 2017 to May. 2017
    One of the best clients I had! I will always be thankful for the opportunity and for the trust he has given me.

    Jonnaida Linn M.
    7 years ago
    Jonna is a very nice girl. She works hard and did the job well. I did have two small issues: when I listened to her calls it sounds like she is on a farm with dogs barking and roosters was ok for this campaign but it wouldn't be ok for some of the more professional campaigns that we run. She was also not dispositioning the calls correctly or leaving detailed notes....this is probably my fault though as I did not explain properly how I wanted the calls dispositioned or what I wanted to see in the comments section. Overall, I would use Jonna again but I would be very clear on my expectations and instructions.

    Michelle E.
    Nov. 2016 to Nov. 2016
    I've worked with you for 2 days when I was in our province for a vacation that's why there were so many noise on the background. Now I am back to my place which is more quiet and peaceful.
    I was not given detailed instructions on how to dispose the calls and was not even trained. I asked questions when things are not clear and maybe the response was not conveyed clearly. But overall, it was a great experience! I hope we can work together again in the future! Thanks for the opportunity Michelle!

    Jonnaida Linn M.
    7 years ago
    Jonna put in a lot of effort into my campaign. She made adjustments to the way i needed the campaign to run quickly and efficiently. She communicated promptly and was a pleasure working with her. Best of luck in your future campaigns!

    Ely M.
    Aug. 2016 to Aug. 2016
    It was a pleasure working with you! :)

    Jonnaida Linn M.
    7 years ago
    Great worker.

    Chad C.
    Jun. 2016 to Jul. 2016
    Thank you for the opportunity, it was great working with you! :)

    Jonnaida Linn M.
    8 years ago
    Completed work as needed. Only need one agent at this time is the reason for ending contract.

    Nick F.
    Mar. 2016 to Apr. 2016
    Nick is very patient and very kind. He is always there to help. It's been a long journey and I am so thankful to be part of your campaign. Looking forward to work with you in the future.

    Jonnaida Linn M.
    8 years ago
    Jonna is amazing - tons of experience very upbeat and a total asset to your calling campaign.

    Our campaign is postponed due to data issues and I will rehire her!

    She is such a dedicated agent.

    Layla M.
    Mar. 2016 to Mar. 2016
    Layla is very detailed and very friendly. I hope we can work together in the future. :)

    Jonnaida Linn M.