Domanie R.

Jamaica | English
$12.00 / Hour
Hours Worked
Times Hired
Odialer CertifiedMade 8 hours of calls using Odialer


Experienced and driven Customer Service Supervisor with a proven track record of helping to lead programs to further success with effective managerial support and superb customer service skills. Possesses excellent communication skills, allowing for the cultivation of positive and mutually beneficial relationships with all levels of hierarchy. A passion for providing top rated assistance to team members to aid with surpassing clients expectations.

I am the ideal candidate for this job because I have a proven track record in the BPO sector for 4+ years, where I maintain growth, I started out as a consultant Agent/Floor Support, at Sutherland Global Service while at AT&T/Direct TV sales/billing. I have also worked for Comcast billing/sales, Shutterfly, and Lifetouch. I have helped companies to attain the highest customer service/ sales ratings by being willing to go the extra
mile to satisfy customers and to surpass client expectations.

Interested to work in

  • Hourly job
  • Performance based job
  • Experience

    4 years on phone experience

    4 years of off-phone experience


  • Surveys
  • B 2 C Calling
  • B 2 B Calling
  • Upselling
  • Closing Sales
  • Managing Teams
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