Sabrina B.

United States | English
$17.50 / Hour
Hours Worked
Times Hired


I believe I'm the best candidate for this job, because I have a passion to serve. I excel beyond my job scope to serve the customers needs. My overall goal is to accumulate and maintain the highest quality of productivity for the company's need and stability. I'm an all-around-communications person. I love making goals and executing goals. I love working as a team player or as a strong leader independently. I look forward to being a productive addition to an excelling company.

I am a young woman who is ambitious for success. I love communicating with people, and helping people. I am a true motivator and inspirational individual.

Interested to work in

  • Hourly job
  • Performance based job
  • Experience

    15 years on phone experience

    5 years of off-phone experience


  • Surveys
  • B 2 C Calling
  • B 2 B Calling
  • Upselling
  • Closing Sales
  • Feedback

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